3 Must-Have Spare Parts for Every Washing Machine Owner

14 May 2021
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Considering the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern Australian parent, a washing machine is a welcome appliance. It significantly cuts down the amount of time you spend doing laundry. Notably, quality washers can last approximately ten years. Sadly, most machines break down long before their end-of-service life because of poor handling. When it happens, homeowners are left stranded, not knowing what to do. It is the reason you need critical spare parts to replace parts prone to damage. Read More 

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Schedules

8 March 2021
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Fire accidents can be devastating, especially when a facility is not well prepared. Most premise managers have the misconception that the mere presence of fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems in a facility is enough to tackle fire incidences. However, nothing could be further from the truth because fire equipment must be in optimal condition. As such, facility managers must always prepare an annual fire safety statement for compliance and safety reasons. Read More 

Key Signs That Your Sewing Machine Needs Repairs

8 February 2021
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There is nothing more frustrating than your precious sewing machine failing on you right in the middle of a project. It is even worse if you do not know what the problem is or what caused it. Although you can always refer to the machine's manual, the chances are high that you will not know how to approach the problem. Fortunately, repair technicians are readily available to assist you. However, it does not stop you from learning about glaring signs that your sewing machine needs repairs. Read More