Why Do Washing Machines Break Down?

19 May 2020
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Although washing machines are usually fairly reliable home appliances, it is a good idea to have the number of a company that carries out repairs on them stored in your phone. Professional washing machine repairs are often conducted without having to take the device away from your home. This is because good repair operatives will usually have the most common spare parts they will need for run-of-the-mill faults. If you need a washing machine repair, then what is the cause most likely to be? Read More 

Signs it’s time for Refrigeration Repair

20 April 2020
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The refrigerator is an asset for every homeowner. Just like with any other asset, proper care and maintenance is vital for refrigerators. That being said, there is a lot that proper care and maintenance can do, but at some point, your refrigerator is bound to need repairs. Identifying the need for refrigerator repairs in the early stages of damage is crucial. This can help to prevent serious damage, thereby saving you significant sums of money. Read More 

How to Deal With a Clicking Sewing Machine

6 February 2020
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The more you use your sewing machine, the more in tune you are with its operating noises. So, if your machine starts to make different noises than it usually does, you'll notice this pretty quickly. While unusual noises are sometimes down to a problem inside the machine that needs a repair, they may have a simple cause that you can fix yourself. If your machine is currently making clicking noises you've not heard before when you sew, then try these troubleshooting tips before you do anything else. Read More 

Fire Equipment: The Care and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers

5 February 2020
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Every building requires sufficient fire equipment. That will ensure that you and the other people using the building can deal with a fire emergency. An essential part of fire safety equipment is fire extinguishers. Every building should have fire extinguishers to deal with fire-related emergencies. Here are care and maintenance tips to ensure that your fire extinguishers are working in case of an emergency.   Monthly visual inspections  You should ensure that you visually inspect the fire extinguishers. Read More