Why Do Washing Machines Break Down?

19 May 2020
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Although washing machines are usually fairly reliable home appliances, it is a good idea to have the number of a company that carries out repairs on them stored in your phone. Professional washing machine repairs are often conducted without having to take the device away from your home. This is because good repair operatives will usually have the most common spare parts they will need for run-of-the-mill faults. If you need a washing machine repair, then what is the cause most likely to be?

Machines Not Filling

Your washing machine will only function properly if it fills with water when in use. Some machines will spin even though water is not getting into the system and you will only notice there is a problem, therefore, at the end of the cycle when you remove laundry that is still dry. Such washing machine repairs are usually effected by replacing the inlet hose because the current one has developed a blockage.

Mid-Cycle Stoppages

When you have a washing machine fault of this kind, it can be very frustrating — especially if it is intermittent. You can put a load on and go out for the day only to find half the cleaning job has been done when you return. Although there are a variety of reasons for this sort of problem, the most common cause is an issue with the thermostat. Most washing machine repairs involving thermostats require this part to be replaced rather than fixed but once it has been replaced, normal service should resume without further incidents.

Noisy Washing

All washing machines make noise as their motors make the drum rotate. However, there can be an issue of washing machines becoming louder and louder over time which will indicate a more serious fault. In many cases, the bearings that the drum is mounted on have simply worn away which means their sound-dampening effect is reduced. If the drum feels loose when you rotate it by hand, then you will probably need the bearings to be replaced which will mean laundry time becomes much less noisy in the future.

Bad Odours

When washing machines smell bad, it is usually repairable by running a very hot wash on an empty cycle. This will kill off unwanted bacteria that may have been building up inside of the unit — something that can occur if you only ever do cool washes. If this does not work, then you will need a professional with washing machine repair services to assist you.