How to Deal With a Clicking Sewing Machine

6 February 2020
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The more you use your sewing machine, the more in tune you are with its operating noises. So, if your machine starts to make different noises than it usually does, you'll notice this pretty quickly.

While unusual noises are sometimes down to a problem inside the machine that needs a repair, they may have a simple cause that you can fix yourself. If your machine is currently making clicking noises you've not heard before when you sew, then try these troubleshooting tips before you do anything else.

Check Your Setup

Sometimes, a sewing machine makes clicking noises because you haven't set something up quite right. For example, you may be using the wrong needle for the fabric or stitching you're working on, or your needle may be blunt.

In this case, the clicking comes from the needle hitting its plate or hook when it is running. So, check that you're using the right needle for the job. Then, check that the needle isn't blunt. A quick change here to the correct needle or a new sharp one could stop the clicking in its tracks.

Clean Your Machine

If your setup is OK, then you may have a problem inside the machine that you can clean out. For example, tiny bits of fabric, lint, threads or dust can accumulate under the feeds. They can make the machine click if they push up against the needle's plate.

A snapped-off piece of a pin or needle can also be responsible for clicking noises. This typically happens when the metal clicks against an interior part as the machine runs.

Check your manual for the machine's cleaning and maintenance instructions. Follow these instructions to open up the machine and clean it out.

Make sure to get rid of anything that shouldn't be in the machine, like bits of thread, fabric or dust. Even if you don't see anything obvious in there, a clean could be enough to stop the clicking noises.

Take Your Machine in for Repair

If you can't fix the noises yourself, then you should get help from a repair shop. Simple issues like a bent needle plate can cause clicking noises but you're better off with a professional diagnosis and fix at this stage.

So, contact local sewing machine repair professionals and ask them to take a look at your machine. They can get to the source of the problem and repair it.